WE58 Paint Matting Agent : 

WE58 Wax Emulsion: Unleashing the Power of Innovation in the Paint & Coating Industry

In the ever-evolving world of paint and coatings, achieving the perfect blend of aesthetics, protection, and functionality has always been the ultimate goal. B W Chemicals, a trusted name in the industry, brings forth a remarkable solution – WE58 Wax Emulsion. This innovative product offers a unique combination of a matting effect, graffiti protection, stain resistance, and water repellency.

A Matting Effect Like Never Before

Wax Emulsion: Creating a matting effect in paint and coatings is an art that demands precision. The matting effect adds a subtle, non-reflective finish to surfaces, making it especially popular in applications where gloss is not desired. WE58 Wax Emulsion masters this art, allowing paint and coating professionals to achieve the exact level of matting they desire. This opens the door to a wide range of finishes, from semi-gloss to fully matte, giving designers and painters’ unparalleled creative control.

Graffiti Protection: Safeguarding Surfaces

Paint Industry: Graffiti is a form of expression, but it can sometimes deface surfaces and structures that are not intended to be canvases. WE58 Wax Emulsion serves as a protective shield against graffiti. When applied to surfaces, it makes graffiti removal significantly easier. Whether it’s public transportation, buildings, or public facilities, the ability to repel graffiti ensures that surfaces stay pristine and beautiful.

Stain Protection: Preserving Beauty

Coating Additives: Stains can mar the beauty of painted surfaces, making stain protection an essential consideration. WE58 offers exceptional stain resistance, ensuring that paint and coatings maintain their appearance even in the face of potential staining agents. From spills to splatters, WE58 ensures that stains don’t stand a chance.



Water Resistance: Defying Moisture

Wax Dispersion: In the world of paint and coatings, water is a formidable adversary. Moisture can lead to degradation, peeling, and the loss of adhesion. WE58 Wax Emulsion takes water resistance to the next level. It forms a hydrophobic barrier that repels moisture, ensuring that painted surfaces remain pristine and protected. Whether it’s exterior paint on buildings or coatings for outdoor furniture, water resistance is a crucial advantage. The degree of protection with increased considerably with increase in dosage of WE58.

Innovation for the Future

B W Chemicals’ WE58 Wax Emulsion is a transformative product that is redefining the paint and coating industry. With a matting effect that offers creative freedom, graffiti protection that preserves surfaces, stain resistance that maintains beauty, and water resistance that defies moisture, WE58 is a versatile solution with a bright future.


WE80 Hydrophobe agent :

WE80: The Ultimate Water Repellent, Hydrophobe, and Beading Effect Enhancer

In the world of protective coatings and surface treatments, there’s a constant pursuit of innovations that offer superior water resistance, enhanced durability, and stunning visual appeal. B W Chemicals takes a giant leap in this direction with its groundbreaking product, WE80. This hydrophobic wax emulsion is more than just a water repellent; it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances the beading effect and elevates hydrophobic properties to a new level.

Water Repellent Marvel

Water repellent, an essential attribute for any surface treatment, lies at the heart of WE80. When added to the formulation, WE80 forms an invisible shield by migrating the wax particles by blooming effect to the surface of the paint. This shield is highly effective in repelling water, preventing it from penetrating the surface. As a result, moisture, rain, or accidental spills simply bead up on the treated surface, ready to roll away, leaving the surface dry and pristine.

Elevating the Beading Effect

One of the most noticeable features of a hydrophobic coating is the beading effect. When water droplets form perfect spheres and glide effortlessly on the surface, it not only looks visually appealing but also demonstrates the surface’s hydrophobic nature. WE80 takes the beading effect to a whole new level. The water droplets form exceptionally tight and uniform beads, resembling glistening pearls on a necklace. This remarkable visual effect is a testament to the product’s high-performance hydrophobic capabilities.

Hydrophobic Wax Emulsion Redefined

Hydrophobic wax emulsion is a term often associated with advanced surface treatments. WE80 is not just a hydrophobic wax emulsion; it’s a redefinition of the concept. Its unique formulation ensures a lasting hydrophobic effect, even when exposed to challenging conditions. The treated surfaces remain resilient against water, whether it’s light drizzle or heavy rain. This level of protection is a game-changer in the industry.

A Versatile Coating Additive

As a hydrophobic coating additive, WE80 integrates seamlessly into various coating and surface treatment formulations. Whether it’s a wood varnish, concrete sealer, or fabric protector, WE80 enhances the overall hydrophobicity of the coating. It provides a robust shield against moisture, ensuring that the coated surfaces remain dry, durable, and resistant to water-related damage.

Surface Water Resistance beyond Compare

Surface water resistance is a critical factor in many industries. From construction to automotive, the ability to repel water effectively is a game-changer. WE80 brings a new dimension to surface water resistance. It doesn’t merely resist water; it triumphs over it. Even when water comes into contact with a WE80-treated surface, it stands no chance. The water simply beads up and rolls away, leaving no trace behind.

Ideal for Water-Resistant Paint

As a water-resistant paint additive, WE80 is an invaluable asset. It elevates the durability of paints and coatings, making them ideal for exterior applications. Whether it’s a building façade, a bridge, or a marine structure, WE80 ensures that the painted surface remains water-resistant, even in the harshest of conditions.

The Perfect Water Repellent Surface Coating

A water-repellent surface coating should do more than just repel water; it should create a visually stunning effect. WE80 accomplishes both with finesse. It not only keeps surfaces dry and water-repellent but also elevates their aesthetic appeal. The tight beading effect creates a visual spectacle, making the coated surface a work of art.

Hydrophobic Paint Redefined

Hydrophobic paint is sought after for its exceptional water resistance. With WE80, hydrophobic paint is redefined. Surfaces painted with WE80-enhanced paints remain impervious to water, providing lasting protection against moisture-related damage.

WE80 from B W Chemicals is a revolutionary product that redefines what a water repellent, hydrophobe, and beading effect enhancer should be.