We have a broad range of wax emulsions catering to different industries. The products range varies in type of waxes, there solids, pH ranges and ionic character. We suggest our products only the specified need of the customers. We serve following industries:

  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Paper & Board industry
  • Construction


In the textile industry, the wax emulsion is used in different qualities to manage:

  • Water Repellency
  • Yarn Lubricant
  • Sizing Aid


In leather the wax emulsion is used to:

  • Reduce tackiness
  • Mould release
  • Reduces hardness in leather

Paper & Board Industry

In paper industry the wax emulsion is used for:

  • Anti blocking
  • Water & oil repellency
  • Reduction of internal capillary flow


  • Curing agent for concrete

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